The Environment is important and Tropical Timberwoods Inc (TTI) operates all aspects of its forestry operations in accordance with all international and national conventions and regulations. TTI understands that healthy forestry practices are essential to the longevity of our industry. TTI supports bio diversity and works with local government agencies to promote efficient low impact logging to ensure sustainable forest management. TTI’s operation principles conform with all international and national rules and regulations. TTI protects all species listed by the Convention on Trade in Endangered Species. TTI is an environmentally responsible company and believe that wood is truly the only “Green” building material. TTI produces lumber products that do not require chemical treatment for their exterior applications providing no adverse effects on the environments they are installed in. TTI’s marine products are more durable than conventional options and resistant to marine borers. This equates to less material used and no chemical in the water.
TTI Support Documents
  • Guyana Forestry Commission Code of Practice for Timber Harvesting – 2nd edition :: Read document…
  • Guyana Forestry Commission Sustainable Forest Management :: Read document…
TTI Support
  • ITTO: International Tropical Timber Organization
  • TFF: Tropical Forest Foundation
  • WWF: World Wildlife Foundation
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